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Audi A8 L 60 TFSI

Car details

Car details

Number of Passengers: 5
Transmission: Auto
Number of Doors: 4
Luggage(s): 4
Horse Power: 500
0-100km/h: 5
Marque: Audi
Type: Luxury | Sedan

Documents required

For tourists

Driving licence

For residents:

Emirates ID
UAE driving licence

Car features

Rent an Audi A8 luxury sedan 2020 in Dubai

Driving is a pleasure as it is made effortless in Audi A8. With a handful of advances digital features for the passengers in backseats, the car is just as much focused on the travel experience as it is on the driving experience. You can opt for a Rear Seat Entertainment station which comprises upon a pair of tablets which are connected to navigation features, vital vehicle data and multiple streaming services. To control the touch input rear seat infotainment features, a Rear Seat Remote assist is also available. A comfortable and back heating massager are also available.

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Based on 33 reviews
Владислав Котельников
Владислав Котельников
July 26, 2022.
Все началось с аренды одного авто на неделю. Далее я начал брать у них машины постоянно! Приятное общение, простые договоренности, быстрая доставка авто до дома. Рекомендую!
Fechtali Zouhair
Fechtali Zouhair
April 22, 2022.
Tout s'est bien passé, je recommande vivement.
mhd 77
mhd 77
April 12, 2022.
Je met rarement des commentaires mais là pour le coup ils le méritent , loueurs serieux et de parole .Tout c’est bien passé jusqu’au retour de la caution , une adresse à retenir ,allez y les yeux fermés !
younes bouhajra
younes bouhajra
April 6, 2022.
Ik huur vaak bij huurbedrijven van auto’s. Eerlijk dit is de beste service die ik heb gekregen tot nu toe! De man is super eerlijk en begripvol. Hij probeert echt in elke situatie een oplossing te vinden. Auto’s zijn perfect in orde. Niet de laatste keer 👌
Moha el youzghi
Moha el youzghi
March 31, 2022.
Sin duda es la mejor compañia para alquiler coches deportivos ya disfrutar de tus vacaciones. Entrega y recojida a la hora. Todos son muy amables, Respuestainmediatamente .Excelente
Александр Ярославцев
Александр Ярославцев
March 24, 2022.
Хотели взять Range Rover, но он оказался занят, но нам предложили хорошую альтернативу Porsche Panamera 4S Turismo Sport! Машина в хорошем состоянии, без каких либо серьезных повреждений. Салон в идеальном состоянии! Единственный минус этого авто - не слишком вместительный багажник 🙂
Lanciine Kaaba
Lanciine Kaaba
March 19, 2022.
Nous avons loué un A35AMG chez White Shark, véhicule très propre, un pur plaisir. Gérant toujours disponible. C’est la première fois que je conduis un véhicule d’une telle puissance, je n’hésiterai pas à la reloué lors d’un prochain voyage sur Dubaï.


Which documents are required to rent a car in Dubai ?
If you’re an UAE resident, we need your Emirates ID and your driving license. If you’re a tourist, we need your passport, your driving license, and in some cases an Internation Driving Permit. If you don’t have any IDP, we can handle to get one for you.
Can I get this car delivered?
White Shark Luxury Rent offers free delivery upon request to your location Dubai. However, free pick-up from our branch is also available.
How much will I be charged for crossing salik gates?
You will be charged AED 5 at each salik (toll) gate. You will be charged at the end of your rental period. The salik amount can be deducted from your security deposit or you can pay it separately.
How much shall I pay in case of accident?
If you are not guilty of the accident and get a Dubai Police green accident report, you don’t have to pay anything.

If the driver is found guilty of the accident, he will have to pay an amount of AED 3;000 + 20% (the amount varies depending on the car) of the value of the repairs in the agency and in addition to the daily rental fee for the number of days the vehicle remains for repairs in the agency.

All insurance and damage claims will require a police report in order to be processed.

Damage to our vehicle for which a third party is not identified, for which a police report has not been filed, or which results in the denial of the insurance claim will be charged in accordance with White Shark Luxury Rent damage rate. Repairs performed by third party garages and mechanics and not performed by White Shark Luxury Rent will not be accepted.

Please note that damage to tires, wheels and rims are not included in the insurance coverage and the renter is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

Why do you require a security deposit?
Security deposit is essential in the UAE, mainly for RTA traffic fines. If you want to rent a car without a security deposit, opt for a pre-authorization block by your credit card. This way the amount is simply blocked instead of a transaction. The blocked amount is automatically released 30 days after you return the rental car.
When will I get my security deposit back?
The deposit for the car rental, ranging from AED 1000 to AED 10,000, is taken at the beginning of the rental. It is released within 30 days after the return of the car. It can be returned to you by bank transfer, cash deposit to your bank account or by check. It is preferable to block the security with a pre-authorization of the credit card, as the bank will automatically release it to the same credit card within 30 days.
What is the mileage limit? What happens if I exceed it?
All rental cars come with a mileage limit of 250 km per day. Customized mileage limit packages may be available for an additional fee. To calculate your mileage, the car rental contract will list the miles on the car’s odometer at the beginning of your rental. If you exceed the allowed mileage, additional charges will apply.
What is the minimum age to rent a car in the UAE?
The legal age to rent a vehicle (car, van, SUV or other) in the UAE is 21 years, according to RTA regulations. However, this may vary depending on the vehicle chosen. Please contact us for more details.
Can anyone else than me drive the rental car?
Only the renter is allowed to drive the rental car as the car insurance is assigned to his/her name. However, an additional driver can be added to the insurance coverage, allowing him/her to drive the same car. Be sure to do this at the beginning of the rental, additional fees may apply.
Can I rent one of your cars with driver?
Chauffeur service is available upon request to have your car driven throughout Dubai. If you need a chauffeur driven car, check out our chauffeur service options. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the UAE.

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